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Certified Group Psychotherapist

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Groups consist of six to ten people who meet weekly for an hour and a half. Groups are open-ended, which means that new members join when current members leave and a space opens up. The length of treatment is not set in advance, and each person uses their own experience in the group to decide when they have met their goals for therapy. The fee is $75.00 per group and is due at the first session of the month. The fee holds your place in the group, and is paid whether or not you actually attend a session.




The most important resource in group therapy is the group itself. In group, you will have the opportunity to explore the feelings and behaviors you wish to change in your life as they show up in the group situation. The group offers encouragement, a sense of common purpose, a range of ideas, and the opportunity for mutual exploration of the universal problems of living. The group is also a laboratory for learning how to be an effective group member, and how to usefully participate in another's growth.


Group therapy is particularly useful with regard to: 


The goal of a therapy group is to create an environment in which the members are able to discuss and explore as wide a range of thoughts and feelings as possible, including those about the leader, the group and other group members. All members contribute to the climate of the group, and thus to the group's success in reaching members' goals. In committing to achieving these objectives, the following agreements should be considered:





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